Our distillery has the requisites of any modern distillery in any part of the world. The production process is divided as follows

  • Raw water treatment
  • DMW generation
  • Blending
  • Production - Glass Bottling [ Alcoholic & Nonalcoholic ] , PET and Sachet

The Blending Process


Blending objective is to blend the required ingredients in the right specification hygienically to get the best taste and aroma as per our quality  standards . The blended product is then left to mature for a period of time before it is filtered in readiness for bottling. We use de-mineralized water for the blend preparation 



We have a wide range of pack sizes ranging from 3 Cl to 100 Cl and packed in Glass bottles, Pet bottles and Sachets. Bottling is done through automatic fillers, cappers & labelers to ensure that the products are packed in the best hygienic environment with consistent quality standards.

Production CapabIlity 

Water Treatment

We have the production capability to manufacture alcoholic , nonalcoholic , carbonated & noncarbonated drinks . We have our own pet bottle production facility also

Water Treatment

Water Treatment
  • Fresh underground water is treated and passed through a set of sand and carbon filters. Filtered treated water is used as feedstock for production of demineralized water used for blend preparation. DMW is used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products
  • For other activities like bottle rinsing , CIP etc we use filtered water.

Quality Control

Quality ControlQuality ControlQuality Control

Quality Control exercise is carried out mainly in three main phases. However, our passion to deliver the best quality products continues till the products reach the consumers.

  • Preproduction : The first check takes place with close monitoring / approval of blends
  • Online checks : Our QC team continuously monitors the bottling and packaging process through a set of online checks
  • Postproduction : The third step takes place at our finished goods storage location & just before the finished goods are ready for dispatch